PowerRunner on PI: A solution that gets the work done, in T&D!

According to Bloomberg Energy, “The world spent a record $501.3 billion in 2020 on renewable power, electric vehicles and other technologies to cut the global energy system’s dependence on fossil fuels.” This consumer-led and regulatory-backed investment in the electrification and decarbonization of the grid will continue to put operational constraints on a century-old system designed to be one-directional. Investments in the modern distribution grids are needed to support the emerging “Prosumer” and the impact that their behind-the-meter technologies such as solar, wind, storage, EVs, have on the grid. OSIsoft and PowerRunner have joined technologies to create a proven, scalable, and extensible AMI-Grid analytics solution that provides utilities with real-time actionable information. PowerRunner on PI is an operational data infrastructure with configurable analytics that empower the business user to extract Performance Intelligence from streaming big data to provide situational awareness and support critical operational decision management.